Friday, April 18, 2003

what i want, right now

to hear your voice on my phone... for you to tell me i'm going to be okay... that you still love me, even though... to cry a long cathartic cry that ends in a small cup of marble slab icecream... to hold your hand... to take a deep breath without swallowing sand... to be alone... to run a full mile without stopping... to be with friends... to sit next to you and talk about the people that walk by... to drive my Romeo through the hills of Austin as fast as I can and disappear like the girl at the end of the crouching tiger hidden dragon movie... to know what you're thinking right now... to kick these rednecks in the head and rid good people of their misery... to realize it was all a lie... to realize it wasn't all a lie... to go back in time exactly two months... to let go of all of this anger and confusion... to grab hold of myself and finish this fucked up semester

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