Sunday, April 20, 2003

Rosa's and Missing Samba Man

So SaMbaMike was MIA for several hours and I was worried. I was worried because one of the last lines he sent me was "be back shortly...*gulp* i hope". Those aren't good last words, "see you later" are good last words. Luckily, before I started to scour the town looking for "a young man who may or may not resemble an inmate incarcerated for crack posession" or a "man, in a sports jacket, wearing *these* shoes" or "a guy who has trouble opening doors with both hands", Michael called and told me he was okay. And we decided to have dinner, at Rosa's. Even though I was there with Alex and Raquel last night, it was better than braving another episode at iHop. So who also decided to have dinner at Rosa's?? The one and only Bobby Knight. Hee hee. I must say, it was almost as cool as meeting Billy Bob Thorton in person and chatting with him about my home town, but it wasn't. The man looks nothing at all like I would expect. He certainly is taller than I imagined.. and he moves like a tortoise (to quote MiKe). He was wearing some very strange looking camo-hunting gear.. which detered me from attempting to introduce myself and shake his hand. Not that I really wanted to if he was dressed otherwise, I'm just saying I he was dressed odd. I'm still amazed he moooved sooo sloooow. For a fiesty basketball coach rumored to have been fired from a previous coaching position for beating and strangling his players, he looks more like the old guy next door you're afraid might see you when you cross into his lawn to pick up the fly ball that ended up on his side of fence.

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