Tuesday, April 1, 2003


RSC is finally OVER. The stress of a public technical presentation has long since subsided. I ran for a national office and lost in the run-offs to the gentleman who lost in the run-offs the previous year. It's still a good thing since as a runner up I get to travel, but with less responsibility. That's always good. I'll run again next year. And I'm gonna win, by golly. So the conference was a blast. I got to meet our president-elect, a fine personable man, and many other people who are into ASME like I am. I got to dress up and be non-studenty -- always a plus. The food they served, was extreme on both ends. Either excellent or craptacular. Luckily, I got to eat on my own. I enjoyed my first experience at Hooters, and the San Fransisco Steakhouse. I also got to shoot some pool, as theraputic as it should have been -- I lost, miserably. *sigh*

Now I'm back in the trenches. Nearly a week behind in school work. Trying to catch up and play hard for one more month and then it will be over. If there is a God out there, may he have mercy on my sleepdeprived and malnourished soul.

On my final note I would like to say something about Love: It can be a good thing, between friends and siblings; a harsh thing that drives dads to yell at their daughters; and it can be the knife that one inadvertently uses to cut one's heart in half. Love sucks.

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