Thursday, April 24, 2003

Random you-really-didn't-wanna-know-this stuff

Things that make me wanna yack: (1) The smell of pigeon poo, on concrete, on a warm day after the rain (2) The sound of the dood down stairs hacking up a hairball - he puts my Altec Subwoofer to shame (3) The one rock stuck between the treads on my samBas that scratches the floor as I walk (4) Ma, with chalk in hand.

Things that make me smile: (1) Cool night at the Capitol watching the bats overhead (2) Cool night in the E-key with no one around (3) Cool night with hot tea (4) Cool night wrapped in my blankie

Things that make me bad ass: (1) My samBas (2) My glassEs (3) My pierced navel (4) My "I heart monkey" socks

Why I should never be allowed to order my own drink: (1) I will take forever deciding what looks prettiest in the glass (2) I'll be picky about the rum they use (3) They'll never put enough rum in my drink and (4) I'd want cherries and lots of them.

And why I should not be the one to pick dessert: (1) We'll end up at Jazz whether you like it or not (2) Everything will be closed by the time I agreed to something else (3) Whatever it is you wanted, it will be accompanied by chicken strips and (4) The whole point of dessert would be ruined.

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