Friday, April 18, 2003

people who love me

this past week as of 3am sunday morning had sucked some incredibly freshly unwiped ass. all i can say is thank you to those guys who have gotten me through and make sure i'm still ticking... to michael, thank you for being there and for saying things to remind me it's not all that bad and that i could be in a horst class... to my one professor who really cares about me as a person and who isn't afraid to tell me what he thinks. thank you, sir, for being my friend and my teacher... to my huny, who lets me whine about my x and who reminds me why the x is an x. to my foofers, who's always ready to kick someones ass for me. to my dj jammers, whose humor and boxes of goodies keeps me smiling on a regular basis. thank you guys. thank you.

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