Monday, April 21, 2003

Now is never the time for family issues. Especially around finals time. I shouldn't let it bother me. There are more pressing things at hand.. Like late homework, projects, etc. But it does bother me. I wake up early this morning ready to battle the books only to read a message from my mother that the main soldier was missing from the base camp. And this was not the first time. Me and the foofers cried oceans of snot and tears for hours. I've learned today that my life is pretty much like "real life" "as seen on tv". sucks but it's true. it sucks more for me because i don't want to believe it. I'm a springer candidate. eugh. I thank my friends who cared enough to listen. I thank my foofers for crying with me. I thank my huny for reminding me that I will be okay, that I am loved, and that it will all be okay in the end. I thank my mommy, for having the strength that I can only hope to have one day.

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