Saturday, March 22, 2003

Rescue Mission

I did my routine walkthrough of the toy isle at Wally's World today, looking for stray, leftover, rejected, dropped on the floor one too many times, un-loved stuffed animals to adopt. I'd adopt real animals if I could, but the apartment people would not like that. I found many I would love to adopt, but they were happy on their shelves, wanting to stay and wait for a home with real children. So yeah (!!) for stuffed animals :-)

Truely Craptacular

I had a chat with Jammies the other day. Our conversation describes exactly how I'm feeling now.. and will feel for the next week, then I'll be okay. Haa, who am I kidding.

jammie: yeah...i have that feeling in my gut that makes me want to run away...

jammie: i'd imagine we are in the same boat

hieuy: that's not going no where fast enough

jammie: exactly

jammie: except maybe down

hieuy: exactly.


Why do I feel like crap? Too much to do, and not enough time to do it well. I had time. I had this whole week, but I have no idea where it went.

For Here or To Go

Yesterday, Mike and I went to Micky D's. I ordered my usual: fishfillet, and I added a 4 pack o' nuggets. Finished the nuggets and put the rest of the "hot mustard" on my tartarsauce-less fishfillet. The helium filled blonde in her oversized assistant manager's outfit and antenna headset poked around the corner and said: "Ewww, she's putting the mustard on her fish sandwich!" What the hell?! I bought the sandwich,and it was my hot mustard. Can I not put mustard on my sandwich?! I kept the receipt. I plan on calling the main office and let them know I didn't appreciate their staff being critical of how I choose to eat my sandwich. Next time my sandwich and I are going home.

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