Sunday, February 9, 2003


My exposure to music is limited to the radio and the few downloadable goodies I can find online. Sad to say, it's pretty much mainstream type music. Although thanks to Jammie and the Ascii Avenger, who have graciously burned me cd's of music i've never heard of, I am listening to all kinds of much-better-than-radio music. Thanks guys. Webraw also started this obscure music thing which seems like a neat thing to pay attention to. I downloaded the first song, my soundcard isn't activated, so I'll have to wait on listening to it.


Dad came to see me this weekend and brought me a newly built pc and took home my crippled one. a fresh install of a newer os will fix that poor puppy. this one is quite nice. the awesome thing about built computers is that you can put only what you want in it, and without all the extra ugly software the other companies put in there for you. It even has a nice shiny front plate like the QuickSilvers but without the hiddious four nostrils. :-)


First rounds of tests are comming up this week, and only half a dozen meetings. Augh. I need to find a way to put sound clips up here. People need to hear the quality speech patterns I get to listen to all day long. "It'll all come out in the warsh" "Oh sorry, its a Miga Pascal" "But, aah dount uuunderstaaand wheere that cuuums fruum." Ahhh, west texas.

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