Wednesday, February 5, 2003

I've lost my mind

Came home to nap after a full day at school and accomplishing quite a bit, actually accomplishing little bits of a lot of things that I will eventually finish tonight before I head off to beddie bye. So I napped a couple of hours only to be woken up by the sound of my phone and Amanda on the other end. She was talking to me like a good samaritain talks to an unconsious motorist on the side of the road, "hello, can you hear me? my name is Amanda, from English, are you okay? hello? dood, are you alright? were you asleep?" Ofcourse I was trying to remember the last thing I did and that was sitting in my office packing my backpack to go home. And since my clock glared a bright green 8:11 I figured I must have overslept and missed my 8am class. Not good. Then I was trying to figure out why someone named Amanda would call me. Then I wondered who I was, why I was where I was, and how many days had gone by since I was last awake. Not a pleasant way to wake up. I think that may be a hint I need more zz's.

ZZ's are for the weak.

So I decided that I would stick with my Materials class and Dr. M. He's a nice guy, I should wait and see what the exams are like. I can't lose anything but money, but I would have rather tried than not. Evidence of a lost mind. Plus, if I keep it, I don't have to take a Dr. R class next semester.

I got my first job assignment today. Pretty spiffed about it. I get to play with FEA whoo hoo!! And daddy will come see me on Friday! I got invited to the honor society dinner tomorrow night. I hope I can keep my grades up to stay in until I graduate. Wish me luck peoples. I wonder if I'll be alive at the end of the semester.

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