Monday, February 24, 2003

"It happens to the best of us"

People keep saying that to me when I tell them I wasn't able to work on my project for work, or forget to turn in my timesheet, or get sick. I'm thinking, "wow, I must be pretty darn bestest, cause 'it' happens waaay too often". It was cold today. How cold? Glass-cutting-nipples cold, that's how cold it was. I braved the coldness again to go to the mechanics review session today. Not the best time spent in my opinion, it's not any better than class. I would comment on who's fault it is, but some people may not like having it pointed out that the cap on their capacity for learning may have been reached. I'm impressed that the proff puts the effort into making sure we understand what it is we should. He also commented that he knows that 70-80% of the homework is copied, but if you did it yourself, you'd get atleast a 75 on the test. I guess otherwise you fail; it happens to the best of us. *smirk*.

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