Sunday, February 16, 2003


Tennis pratice went well. Apparently my forehand came back from it's extended vacation and whooped some ass even to my suprise. I'm going to have to start practicing more to keep it up. And because Kelly keeps stuffing me with chocolate and fried goodies. Tonight we had beer battered onion rings, seafood pasta stuffs, follwed by bignettes and caramel pecan fudge cake. Two days before we had chicken strips cornbread and fries followed by a brownie icecream monstrosity. Hideous. I'm not allowing myself to be around this girl for a month, 5 mile run, or 12 lbs -- which ever comes first.


I actually had time this weekend to get some work done. I even did real laundry (and not the kind that comes out of a book I had to buy from a photocopier). So far so good. I'm not really looking forward to this week. I don't look forward to any week actually. Note to self, the people that work in the Home Depot here are not like people in Home Depots anywhere else in Texas. The ones here have NO common sense when it comes to hardware. Second note to self, don't watch the truck commercials where the country singer sings the theme. They have names like Cooter and their hometowns have spanish names that get butchered when they sing it. I saw one today where apparently "fOrd eyuz thu beyust iyun Texus". No really, they do sound like that.No really, they do. The singer looked like his pubic patch of hair moved up right around his mouth. They are all heavy set men who believe in the "comin out in the warsh" theory and wear clothes waaay to tight to be healthy. Yeah.


This week is E-WEEK, everybody go out and hug and Engineer!! Woo hooo!!

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