Thursday, February 6, 2003


I wonder if I come across as a nice person, an easy person or a free flowing fountain of knowledge. I keep attracting these idiots in my dept. We have this BobbyHill/Pigpen kid that drives me nuts -- he's always finding an excuse to talk to me. Even on my days with my best "i'm sorry hieu's not in, but her fist will me more than happy to answer any questions you may have" face he still finds a way to ask me some inane question.


On the good side. My week is over. I can go have a nice dinner tonight with Pi Tau Sigma and shoot some pool with Kell. Im gonna see if i can do a Lubbock revival of the ritual Thursday night poolage I used to enjoy with Jammers back in the day. Dad's coming to see me tomorrow too, which is good. He can help me with homework like the good ole days.

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