Saturday, February 15, 2003

Happy Hallmark Money Day -- Theme: Love

Jammies calls it another one of those Capitalist Holidays, her sister calls it VD. I call it Valentines Day. Some people hate it, some stalk their adorees, some rush to the nearest grocery store to buy the obligatory roses before the loved one comes home, some feel all proud in their forsight to book a restaurant months in advance, rent a limo, buy champagne only to forget to pickup the only clean slacks they had before the dry cleaners closed at 5pm.

Traditionally, we've stayed home and cooked a good meal and talked about our day at work. This year I spent it in the warmth of the laundryroom breathing the fresh scent of Bounce WildFlowers and reading Chapter 3 of Mechanics. I hope you all had a good one. XOXO.

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