Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Evil Gremlins

When you're walking towards the review session for the class and one of the smarter guys in the class is walking out and says "He's an Evil Gremlin" well then you know, it was a good thing you walked all the way across campus to drop the class.

Yeah, so I decided to drop Dynamics today. It's one thing to not have the brain capacity to absorb new concepts and apply them to real world situations. It's another thing to have to use brain power to overcome the craziness that is this guys grading practices. Dr. "It's all gonna come out in the wash"... This smart guy made 80's on his quizes. And he's smart!! I made a 30 on my second quiz, wow. And I'm not exactly stupid either.

The dream job

Well, I saw my prof today at the career fair. This is the guy we couldn't understand in lecture. I have to say though that he was honest in what he had to say and he asked real questions. He's looking for another job as he doesn't much like teaching. I don't blame him, for what he's making?! He should be paid much more. He asked my opinion and I told him straight out that "yes, you are hard to understand. If I didn't read the book, I would be lost, but you are a good teacher, you're concerned and offer review sessions and encourage office hours, and that is what counts". He seemed generally okay with it. I will talk to him again tomorrow and make sure he's okay.

Speaking of dream jobs, I just read a very unhappy post about a fellow Fruitilite, an Applette, person who worked for the Froot Company, named Adam and his jobbie job.

So at the career fair I talked to a couple of cool companies, Lockheed for one and BP. I like their new green logo BP. Very cool. I hope one of them is able to offer me a co-op/internship! *crossing fingers*.

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