Monday, February 10, 2003


Today I learned that if I closed my eyes during my class, I cannot understand what the professor is saying. It is only when I can see what he's writing that my brain can partially parse the sounds coming out of his mouth. What does that tell you? That's right, he e no speekee goo eengeesh. ARG. And there's nothing we can do about it, but read the book -- which I have no problem with. I have an issue with being forced to SIT in this class and waste an hour of my time learning a foreign langugage. But it's not just him. I have another professor in a lab that whistles his s's with a horrid west texas drawl. I only feel negative against this man because I'm in his class because of a technicality, has nothing to do with me learning to draw with a graphics program, or his ability to teach. It would help if he would stop "Gaar-on-tee"-ing us that we're not going to get the drawings correct.

It really is like a very bad real life King of the Hill cast. I started watching the cartoon when I lived in Austin. It was funny then. Now it's a curse. That one professor is like a Boomhauer/Soopanusenpohm with his undecipherable foreign talk. The other one is Hank Hill with his rectal sphincter tension on high.

There are the few that I love and am very glad I've had in class. I'm thankful to them for making my college experience bareable.

But this is a lesson for me, whatever the pain and the cost, my children will not suffer the torment of a Texas university. My children will go to private schools where they will have scholarships to pay their way into a classroom where people speak English.

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