Friday, February 21, 2003

Care Packages

My Huny sent me the most awesomest care package today, it had Lammes candies, metallic crayolas, a cute sweater, sugar plum spice tea, and more chocolatey goodness!! I'm soo lucky to have someone who knows me well enough to get all the right things :-). Thank you huny!!


I shouldn't butt into my friends lives, no matter how much they talk me into it. They tend to get unhappy with the results. Other friends talk me into dinner and keep me at their place pinning frabric together, although they make kick-ass surf-nut-burgers!! (Thanks Kelly!!) I did get some kitty loving today, too, so the trip was worth it.


I braved "the class that time lost" today. Michael had the great observation that new instructors shouldn't be given 90 minute classes to lecture for their first semester ever. I have to agree. Grad students with Farrah Fawcet hair should not grade papers. Neither should grad students that like to write -15 all over papers with no explainations.


Homesickness is just a bucket of suck.

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