Thursday, February 13, 2003

The...Longest...2 Hours of...Your Life

It wasn't going to end. Ever. He's just two pages away from turning to the last page of his lecture notes. But he won't turn the page. Oh no. He has yet another example for us to look at. The parapalegic minutes are shuffled by on gurneys one by one, until it dawns on me that I too, no longer feel my legs. I have successfully butt melded with the swivel chairs. My eyes start to close on their own. My mouth opens and I yawn unable to contain the urge. I look over and your classmate is reviewing material from this morning's "wash" (Dynamics, dirty laundry; apparently the same thing). Behind me, another is desperately trying to sleep in between the chirps from the imaginary bird that cries "murder" whenever the professor writes on that side of the board. How bad was it? It was so bad the shadow professor walked out after 30 minutes. We still had an hour and a half to go. To go inSaNe. So there is a question I must ask myself, do I go to this class, or do I stay in the office and do homework. Well lets weigh the goodies, and draw a freaking free body diagram.

[skip class and do homework] --- Has multiple degrees of freedom. Attitude goes up in the positive direction. Time for other subject increases with time outside of this class.

Taking the Momentum around Midday on Tuesdays and Thursday, equating all to zero, productivity is positive.

[go to class and endure] --- Has zero degrees of freedom. If you hold Hieu's butt down to the chair, does she move? No, she can't, her butt goes numb. Attitude goes in the negative direction. Time for other subjects decreases with time in the class. Taking the Momentrum around Midday on Tuesdays and Thursdays, equating all to zero, productivity goes to negative infinity.

Reality, the class isn't as bad as it could be. It could be a Dr. R class, we would all have to go out and buy digital cameras and have others take pictures of us humiliating ourselves with our textbooks to possibly boost our grades. I'm not kidding. Last semester I had to buy a color printer. Thankfully this professor is teaching theory and not nitpicking with the textbook details. He is a good guy, I like him a lot. I really wish someone with authority would give him some tips on lecturing.

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