Saturday, February 22, 2003

... little bits o' luv

The only person I could think to call for help in finding the student health places was Kelly-o (like jello, but not as jiggly). Calling her was easier than calling tech information which I would have to find the number for anyway. You'd figure they'd have the number posted somewhere... nooo. She ends up taking me to the urgent care place my dad found by calling around for me (love my daddy). Not only does she wait for me, but she goes and gets me a fantastic care/getwell package!!!! Complete with Cadbury eggs, animal stickers, and among other bits of coolness, an Operation pen. Dood. Too cool. Then she carts my sick butt to Walgreens after a long lunch to pick up my 'sciptions. We find things such as Snickers eggs and the Friends trivia game and a cow for me. Finally I find a cow. I named her Moomy Wellbetter. I feel much better thanks to my friend Kelly-o. I tell you, everyone needs to have friends like Kelly-o. :-) **Thanks Kelly!**

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