Tuesday, February 4, 2003


Debating over and over if I should drop my Materials class. It's supposedly an easy class, but we're not getting anywhere, and we're doing it pretty fast. If I drop it, I get to take it with Dr. R which won't be so bad, I'll learn something. But now I'm thinking I should drop Dynamics -- apparently the grader has issues and will take off 30 points for misplacing the letter i. I attribute grading attitudes like that as being a result of being screwed in your undergrad years and then taking it out on others. It's sad that our futures depend on grades determined by people who have chips on their shoulders. But that's life.

Did I mention the bobby hill kid? He's driving me nuts with his stupid unsolicited questions. I really have no patience for idiots. Stupid people I can understand. Idiots.. no.

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