Saturday, February 1, 2003

Will work for work.

Today I check my email and two more friends have lost their jobs. Reading other blogs and checking mail has become depressing -- it seems as if a majority of everyone has been laid off and is looking for a job. I remember being in that position before I found my job at the Froot. But I had quit my previous job for sanity reasons and wasn't laid off. That was before the start of the technology fall of Austin. And it doesn't look like it has gotten better.. Job Hunting is a 40 hr week occupation in itself.

The other day, I was looking for job for this semester and in the process i had a brain spaz and offered to wash a car. Initially, I was going to offer to wash a car for help in a class where I have to decipher the lecture as part of a foreign language requirement, but then decided that I should offer to wash a car for a research job. Turned out I just offered to wash a car. Lovely. Luckily, another professor offered me a job and all I had to do was show up to a meeting on time, to bad he gave me the wrong time -- but all is good now. The awesome thing is, all the stuff my dad had me work with over the summer and christmas break looks like it may pay off!

Good things have happened job wise for a couple of friends. Jammers got a kick ass job compelete with Dock as a co-worker and a Flavia machine (though I understand now that Dock has injured the Flavia). And, Troy found a job in a small firm. Yeaaah!! The rest of you guys holding up "will work for" signs, ya'll will be okay -- it all works out some how. My spiff-vibes are with you.

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