Sunday, January 12, 2003

My Birthday -- Austin -- & Smoothies

I spent my birthday bundled up in a blanket and cleaning house alone in Stinky Cold Place. My feesh survived a month without me, although mini-Hugo looks like he's been beat up pretty bad.

I drove in Friday after spending some 36 hours in Austin with the peeps. Coincidently, I added 'poop' - the singular of peep - to my hieuyvocabulary. I got to eat real sushi with my sushi buddy Jammers and visit the fantastic Froot and all my Froot-peeps. I spent two great evenings with my Huny and he made a kickass dinner for me and we celebrated new years and my birthday. We also went to a baby shower for my friend Looney - Jammers came as my date :-D. Austin houses are soo cute, and in Jammies case, well laid out. Looney's bathroom's mural kicked ass!! And so did the pesky light switch which was on the outside! :-) Much fun was had. I got to smack around a pinyata (i realized i spelled it wrong - i didn't want to look it up). Jammers almost had a cow with her Quinceanera dream; I nearly had a cow trying to figure out what she was talking about!! I also learned that gerber "mashed potatoes" tastes like pork. And while shopping around wally's world today, I learned that gerber has "veal".

I made my first Jammers Jammin Fruit Smoothie today with my new blender!! Amazing how filling a blended meal can be!! Smoothies are the food of the future!!! Reynolds (the tinfoil and cling wrap people) have awesome little containers for toting around smooties - I got these, too, at Wally's World!

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