Thursday, January 30, 2003

Dood, that's just... wrong

Been a looong week. But it wasn't without the good stuff. For one, the monitor on the computer I use in the lab died a fashionable death. Wonderful red/blue/green pixilation filled the screen, it bowed and exited stage left. The next computer I went to decided to do the equivalent of asking me to print before it would let me type. The computer in the asme office lost it's toolbar for Microsmurf Word.

On the good side, I may have resolved Dr. D's Jaguar/Classic issue *good times, good times*. I really miss the Apple products, so easy to fix when they do break (which is rare). I was invited to join Pi Tau Sigma the Engineering Honor Society, and I finally found Dr. B and asked about his Undergraduate Research Job offering. I really wanted to work with Dr. H or Dr. R since they do biomedical research and I've wanted to do that since forever ago, but they don't have any openings. Our dept. is broke so they can't do a lot of hiring either. I need a job. If for anything to keep from having to use daddy's money. I despise using my parent's money. It's just wrong for someone my age. *wow, i'm old*.

I went to a tennis captain meeting today, and there was a dood with some serious crack issues. Kell and I couldn't stop laughing at the display. He got up and woah.... it was the Grand Canyon! The attack of the Camel Toe. Cracktacular. We decided the poor plaids had to have been forced into the nether regions because that much... shall we say definition ... is just not possible in nature.

Yesterday I also learned that women are "unable" to see in 3-D and that we should just accept it. Colonel Sanders who teaches the graphics class here decided to inform us that obviously women are unable to start wars and that some how correlates to us not being able to see 3-D. Needless to say, he's made onto my list of ebola monkey recipients.

Well, I find out about Dr. B's UR job opening tomorrow. I don't know if I really need to add that to my schedule. I really wish I had a choice to work with Dr. R or Dr. H. Once I graduate, my chances of doing anything biomedical will be slim. *sigh*. Either way, it will all work out, it always does.

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