Thursday, December 19, 2002

stories of labor that make you curl up and hide under a blanket..

Just got off of the phone with my good friend who had recently given birth to a wonderful baby boy. I remember when the young master patrick was mere coffee talk.. good times. it is amazing how time flies by with things like this.. and how it stands still when one's in labor (or waiting for grades to post). my mom had told me many times the story of her labor with me.. as gruesome as it was being in the middle of a war, the hours of labor, the crying, etc, etc..

the story my friend told were weeks old.. and not 15 years old and so they were filled with great horrific details of the excruciating pain and suffering that made me curl up into a ball and hide under a blanket for a good part of the conversation. the most memorable lines? "the feeling of peeing inside out" and "in so much pain, i couldn't speak" *shiver*

so i want kids.. i do..i dunno if i wanna *have* kids. that's another issue.

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