Friday, December 13, 2002

the Stomach Ulcer subsides...

They haven't posted all of my grades yet, but I got 2 A's and 2 B's. Dad's not pleased, but I am. I worked hard for those little letters. Next semester is gonna have to be a 4.0. I celebrated with a caramel brownie at Starbucks and an Italian Soda... I must say Dr. R is the awesomest. Dr. L was my favoritest lecturer and I'm looking forward to next semester; so much so I've already bought my books to read over the break.

Thanksgiving break was fun. Dad came down and was daddy-like for a couple of days, I needed it. Turkeygoodness was very very good as usual, but the sleepyfactor wasn't. I only ended up with 2 finals. And it was in those 2 classes I made B's. Arg, next time I need to go for no finals.

I head back tomorrow to hookup with the parental units and get some more home cooking. Then it's off to see the little kitties and Grendlicious G Dawg. Everybody have a good one. Drive safe, don't drink and drive, and watch for deer!!

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