Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Holiday Goodness

Holiday 2002 has been good to me. Not too much grief other than the stupidity of the repair people at Toyota. But I guess that comes with any new car. Bleech. I got pretty much all I wanted and what I needed this year. Although an iBook would be nice (wink, wink). Choomy got me the Clash of the Titans on DVD -- that totally kicked ass!! Foophers got me Vandy-butt-jamas -- again, totally kicking ass!! The Boy got me a warm blankie for the hideously cold Lubbock nights -- seriously kicking ass!! And a few other goodies.

Choomy's doing the New Years in New York and Foophers and I have been working out twice a day for the past week, getting rid of the winter padding. I was able to find most of my books for next semester, but I need to return them and get new books -- for good jujus. I also need see about heading down to Austin before I head up to Cold Stinky Place. *sigh*

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