Sunday, November 10, 2002

Two point five weeks and counting...

That's it. Just two and a half more weeks of class and then I have the ever deciding finals and then my first semester as a real student is over. Finally. Eugh. Then a month of sleep, nothing but sleep and home cooked food. I spent the night last night at Liz's since Dan was out and she needed someone to keep her company. I got my mechanics done while she slept. They have the most comfiest day bed. I want a day bed. I will have a day bed. Speaking of things I want/need. I also need a real backpack. I may get one over christmas break. The kind with all kinds of zippers up front for the goodies (calculator, a buhgagillion pencils, pens, and a place for a stapler). I also got my first real draft for my english paper done. It kicked ass. I was going to do thermo but I had some "sleepy time" tea and woah, I'm soo sleepy now. Its good though, I need a good nights sleep. I also went to TJMax today. I got a purse, a small one, which I need. I tried carrying around my kick ass shoulder sling, but since I'm already carrying the weight of a dead body in my laptop bag doubling as a backpack, my shoulders were not too happy. So I got a girly purse which fits the essential electronic gadgets. I also found Timerland Chukkas. Oh do I love these Chukkas. Waterproof. With the weather here like it is, waterproof is a good thing. Aluminium colored, nubuck leather chukkas. *lovely*.

I've lost a lot of weight. I still weigh just around where i was last week but now i fit into the pants I haven't been able to wear for over two years. That is just so amazing to me!! This place is doing wonders for my health.. Not emotionally, but really, I'm doing pretty well!! I guess Tennis and studying help. I wish my brain would work faster so I would have time for other things, like webdesign. Kristen just redid her site and its looking pretty kick ass. I want to redo mine, but I need to focus on one design and stick with it. We shall see. I really do want to do it up if for anything to show off my creativity. I do have some, in spurts, but it's there.

Talked to mommy yesterday, she says dad is doing well and is loving my Honda. That's good, because my Honda "Baby" Accord has provided me nearly 10 years of beautiful happy service. She's saved my life and carried me across the US. She's a beautiful car, with a beautiful soul. I know, some of you nuts out there think a car can't have a soul. Mine does. Have you been in a wreck? Have you totalled your car? What kind of relationship do you have with your car. I bet that if you answered yes to the first two, the answer to the third one is 'none, it gets me from point a to point b'. Knock on wood. Nothing like that has happened to me, *because* I have a relationship with my car. But I'm not writing about my car. I'm writing about my dady. My dady loves me. Everyday when he drives home from work he calls me on his way out of the gates, while he's driving Baby. He's excited about my first semester like I am. Mom says he has to talk to me on a daily basis or he gets 'sick'. Sick meaning cranky and worrisome. Dady's are funny.

Now I'll talk about my car. My newly adopted car, which I was fostering for the past few months, is my mom's Camery. She needs a name.... I'll have to ask her what she'd like to be called. Yes, I know some of you may think I'm silly. You don't know the 1/2 of it. I need to go home and fix up my spider to get him running again. Romeo is not doing very well, reportedly he's not starting. He'll open his eyes, but won't turn his head and cough. I hope his wires weren't eaten out by those darn rats that pooped in his trunk. It has crossed my mind what I should do with Romeo while I'm in school. I'm hoping for that phat scholarship that will pay his way here for me to show off. That spider likes to get dirty and this is the place to do it. I bet he'd be the only one here!

Huny's brakes are giving him problems. He says he can fix them. I hope so. I'm going to get back to learning my Otto cycles and diesel engine goodness. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Everyone should. It's been beautiful outside.

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