Monday, November 18, 2002

There's never a camera around when you look your best is there?

I dressed up to drop off my scholarship application this morning and I looked hot. Unfortunately, I'm not gifted with the talent of being able to photograph myself. hee hee. I'm so vain, I know.

Well today was quite nice. I was able to mail off a care package to my sister, I hope she gets it okay and that it doesn't get smushed. I am also impressed with the shopping at United. United is like the HEB's of Austin, except the people are strangely nice.. Very nice infact. Everyone who works there says hi to you, they offer to carry out your bags, they talk to you and ask you your opinion on the products!!! It would seem that they really care about you the customer and their store!! The lady at the fresh meats counter, Celine, spent about 10 minutes helping me decide what fish to get for my grill and she was kind enough to ask me to tell her what I thought... Wow. A manager the other day asked me about the Sushi. I was surprised he even cared!! Another person asked me how my day was, and not 20 seconds ago he was just complaining about something on his truck, but he was sincere and waited for me to answer and smiled when I said I was doing okay! Woooow! If all shopping experiences can be like that.

And I took about an hour photographing ducks at a near by lake.. It was fun. I'll post them as soon as they're developed.

Ooo, and I'm gonna make an attempt to watch the metor shower tonight.

huggles everyone!!

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