Friday, November 22, 2002

That fork in the road... Which way to go?

Sometimes the environment changes around us soo much that the path we've treaded on for soo long now has a new path that crosses it right up the road. We enjoy the path we've been on so far. It has taken us by the scenic country side, past the fields of wildflowers, and along side a previously undiscovered pond that perfectly reflects the sky. This path that we're on is one we've worked so hard to get to, so we ask ourselves: Do we want to try out this new path? This new path leads to many new adventures, new characters, a whole new world of undiscovered goodies. Or do we stay on 'our' path. The one we know best. The one in which we can predict for the rest of our journey. We all come across one of these forks every so often. And, it's these choices we made at the first set of intersections that brought us to where we are now. Most of the time when the difference in the path is so great we consult friends and family. Sometimes they are soo great we debate the delima ourselves. Eventually, the choice is made.

I hope my gut feelings were the right ones. I love my family and want only the best that I can give them. I hope that my feelings are those of a good daughter and not a selfish one. I love you Daddy!

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