Sunday, November 10, 2002

Sunday. Funday. Oh no, here comes Monday.

I just made myself a cup of lipton tea with a little sugar and a splash of 2% milk. I forgot how good this stuff is!! Especially since it's really cold out. Today started out nice enough. Last night sucked a little. The fraternity brats next door had a party going on until 4am. Then my loud downstairs neighbor had their tv on loud and clear by 7:30. It was ridiculous! I didn't call the courtesy officer since I really didn't want to have to wake anyone else up that early. I wrote a letter to the apartment complex. Hopefully they can take care of the problem for me. If not, I will have to start knocking down doors and taking names.

But I woke up refreshed around 8am and headed off to church. I like that I've lost soo much weight that I now have to wear a belt with the pants I bought two weeks ago. They had moved service to the new church - it would have been great if some person, 'Cisco, had told me so, since he insisted that I go to his church to begin with. Today's sermon was about the end of the world and how we should all be ready for when the end comes. Ofcourse I took this to relate to school. I have 2.5 more weeks of lecture left and before I know it, it will be the end of the semester. Yup. So I better be ready! I'm working on it, working at it.. Hopefully I will do as good as I think I can. Anything is possible. I like those sermons that seem to coincide with my daily life at the time. Its really good. There is a God. I'm serious. She rocks.

After church though, I had planned on going home and doing the normal Sunday routine of clean and study but 'Cisco said he wanted a ride home. I said they could walk (my nicely saying no) but they followed me to my car. I parked next to a very high curb and told them ('Cisco and Rommie) not to open the door. What did they do? Open the door. And him and his roomate try to get in - meanwhile I'm screaming for them to get out and shut the door. Conviently, they ignore me. Finally, his roomate settles his couple hundred pound ass in the backseat and I told him in my most stern, kill-you-now voice: "Do not ever do that again." And he acts like he has no idea what I'm talking about. I pull up and 'Cisco gets in and I tell him the same thing and he acts as if I'm crazy.

Here's the sucky part of today

That last little bit of patience I always talk about people blowing? Well that was it. I treasure that car. I treasure any car I and/or my family own. I treasure any car I get into. Treading on that treasure is the LAST thing anyone wants to do. Needless to say 'Cisco and his roomate have lost any ounce of respect they had from me. It sounds mean. But that is how I operate. I evaluate people on how they treat their things/friends/integrity. These boys care not for their automobiles. It's a point-a-to-point-b thing with them. Hence the sightlessness that would allow them to damage my mom's car. I thank the Lord for steadying my hand to not crush their skulls i. No damage was done, but its the stupidity that angers me. I could go on about 'Cisco's lack in the other areas, but that's another day. I need not dwell on him.

Back to the good stuff

After church I did laundry.. It wasn't a lot so it went quickly. Then I did groceries. Bought a packet of sushi..and I want another.. and then took a short nap and went to play tennis. Got back, showered, called Liz - she's not doing any better...then got online.. I also got a SELF magazine and it has some great exercises for me to do indoors since its cold out. Foofers is online so I'm talking to her too. It's a pretty uneventful evening-- I'll probably do english and get it out of the way so I can do mechanics tomorrow. Wow, its already 8:20.. It was 6:20 not too long ago. I'm going to get back to the studying goodness. Everyone stay healthy!! And be nice to your cars. Remember the end of the semester is comming...... (aarrgg!)

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