Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Note to self: Don't forget your binkie.

The tennis match last night was the last one for the year, thankgoodness. I am tired of losing (haa haa), no really I am. It was a freaking cold last night. For some odd reason, I chose to forget my binkie. Bad move as I notice in between sets how steam seemed to be rising off of my head. Oh yes, steam, rising from my head - I saw it. After my match, I sat and watched the other girls finish out their match. And just sitting there, I felt my head get colder and immediately started calculating Qout for my head. Then I felt really stupid for not bringing my binkie. When I got home, I really didn't want to study. My brain wanted to shut down. So I shut down and went to bed. I asked Huny to call me, but I think he forgot.

This morning was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was deceptively warm on the window. I go outside to test the air and it felt really good. Two seconds later I noticed I was freezing again. Got the binkie and headed towards the car. There's frost on the window. Lovely. So I defrosted the car and came to school. So here I sit in the asme office.. trying to work a thermo problem and my darn nose keeps running.. and running.. and running...I've already gone through one mini pack of kleenexes in an hour. *sigh*. I want the week to be over. I want it to be Thursday afternoon so I can go home and sleep.

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