Tuesday, November 12, 2002

No Sleep for the Weary

That never really meant anything to me before today. I always thought, 'well, they shouldn't be weary then should they'. Today I was a weary one, and no one would let me sleep. Doing homework until 4am. Slept until 7am. Classes until 2pm. Lunch until 3pm. Tried to nap, oh no -- people clearing tile off the roof until 6pm.. And my tummy ached from the food. I should stop eating out with Shay. She's good to feed me, but I really shouldn't eat over processed foods. Not good for my stomach and not good for my health. I've lost a lot of wieght!! My black jeans I bought early on in the year that didn't fit are now about 4 inches too large. That's soo awesome!

I just got back from a TSPE meeting, they had a speaker from Halliburton - nice company. Came back to the asme office and talked to Mr. Walker for a bit.. Hadn't heard from him in a long time. It was good to hear from him, fellow genius working in the world.. Good man. He told me not to loose my 'back'. Hieuy got back and it's not going anywhere. So now I'm going to start studying for my Numerical Analysis test on Thursday. Officially two more weeks until Thanksgiving and essentially the end of the semester. I'm worried. I hope I can pull all A's. I really need to. For some reason Dr. R has been in a good mood, offering all kinds of points and extra credit. I wonder what's up. He said he hurt his back playing with his new puppie this weekend and that's why he didn' show up on Sunday... I wonder if the dog sensed his lecture style.. (hee hee). He actually has gotten a lot better in the last two weeks. The lectures have been good - note worthy - and understandable. Watch, I say that and our quiz on Thursday will knock me back to a B. AARG.

I talked to Choomy last night. Hearing his voice lifted my sad little heart. I can't wait to see him and Bowski this Christmas. I'm going to have to get Bowski something for Christmas. :-) Shhh. Its a secret. I should get something for my Choomy too, but what to get the man who has everything!!??!!

We had a windstorm last night around 3am, somewhere around 60-70 mph according to my weather bug.. And there was Ice on the car this morning. Serious Ice....

So Shay is showing some progress. She has a scared look about her, but I see the change coming and I think it will be good for her. Growth is always good for people - I think now she can see that.

I'm heading back to my wondeful book. Everyone stay warm out there....

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