Thursday, November 21, 2002

I'm never really alone, no matter where I am.

And thankfully so. I hadn't talked to DJJam's in a long time. Nearly a week. (A week in school last the equivlent of two weeks in the real world.) So I finally saw her online last night and we got's to talking. Seems like the world took a major poo, and we were under the biggest lincoln logs. She called me when she got off of work and we talked a good hour or so. It was cathartic, I listened to her last week or so of 'crisees' and she listened to mine. I miss my DJ. I miss having friends to make fun of when they perform circus chopstick and noodle tricks. *sigh*. Misery loves company; and while I was sad, it is strangly gratifying to know that someone else was sad too. Being sad everyonce in a while is good for the soul. I found that out. Seems like DJ did too. It would seem that we all need to experience this "cleansing" of our mental innards in order to begin appreciating the goodness that is around us.

I'm greatful for the friends I have. It sounds cliche but they're always there when I need them. Like a good bra, they never let me down. I hope I'm as good a friend to them as they are to me. Only time will tell. :-)

Thanks to mom, I have fresh homemade soopie goodness. Mom sent Uncle over with her specialties!!! I really need to learn how to cook like my mom. My future kids will love me for it. I also got a couple of swordfish steaks to grill. I'm going to slap those on and see what happens. The steaks I made two days ago rocked!!!! And my legs are still sore from Kuk Sool Won. I have a small issue with Kuk Sool: There is lack of control. When you don't feel pain, the people don't try to correct the technique, they try to push even harder to cause the pain. Well wouldn't that be obvious if you're a 300 pound man trying to bend the thumb of a double jointed asian girl that technique should work and if not, laugh off the fact that she's double jointed and not try to pinch off her thumb? Luckily I wasn't hurt, but I'm resolved to mention that the next time he tries to pluck off my thumb. I should talk to someone about joining Tae Kwon Do instead unless the Kuk Sool people drop the macheesemo and start teaching martial arts the way it should be taught.

Hope everyone out there had a good week. I'm getting through mine.

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