Tuesday, November 5, 2002

I forgot to say that I found Nick again! My friend from Austrailia who was 'lost in Chile' there for a while. He made it out, but never made it to Austin. He's back in Melbourne now, selling his GTV on eBay. He's working at Shell and doing a lot of traveling it seems. Lucky bastard. I hadn't heard from him in years and then Sunday night I sat and filtered through mail, found one from him and replied. He answered a couple of hours later!! How awesome was that!! I never met him in person, but it was such a good feeling to know he's alive and not 'lost in Chile' after 3 years :-) Now I need to find my other online friend, Theo, see how he and his little girl is doing. Speaking of little people, I need to call Kim and see how her little guy is doing!! My goodness, I'm so behind schedule.

I also forgot to go to the bank yesterday. I better go to the bank today. And go to my game tonight. And study for my exam. And do my project. Ugh.

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