Thursday, November 7, 2002

Ever had a day that just went a little to well?!!

Well that was today. I had an awesome day. I had an awesome last night studying. I never really know how well I studied until I'm done with the exam and it would seem that yes, indeed I did study very well. I believe I aced the Thermo exam, but now that I think about it, I think I missed a small point, hopefully I didn't miss too many points on it. Anyway the Thermo exam went well. Surprisingly so did Mechanics (and I didn't study at all).. Plus I got my program and my english bibliography done last night too!! I woke up a bit tired, but when I got to school I was all Gungho. I finished ASME membership goodness and did inventory and all is well and balanced in my world. I even remembered to call my dady today to tell him how well I did on the Thermo exam. I was worried that the day was going so well, something bad was going to happen. It's karma, you know. There is equilibrium in the hieuy-universe, so I braced myself for the interesting. And here it is: Jenny got her leg pee'd on by a dog in the dog park. She couldn't believe it, he just stood there and pee'd on her leg!! (haa haa!!)

I just got a call from dady. :-) Isn't funny how when dady calls, we become dady's little girl? It always happen, unless its about report cards or the credit card bill. I miss my dady. *sigh*. Shay was nice enough to take me to dinner tonight. She's such a sweetie. Well we're about to get out of this office. I'm going to go home to nap.. do something good for me..

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