Sunday, November 17, 2002

Beautiful Sunday

I can't believe its 67 degrees outside!! Considering it was suppose to freeze last night. I though about going to tennis today and decided not too. I have to pick up envelopes and a box to ship phoophers her care package. I have a coupon to Walgreens so I should use it. Huny says I should go eat a good meal today. I thought about it, its a good idea, but I don't know where I'd go. Maybe a souper salad thing again. That's always good. Shay invited me to see Harry Potter. I'm not going to go, especially since I'm skipping out on tennis. For some reason, I don't feel motivated to go. Maybe I will in the next 20 minutes. We'll see. This thermo homework isn't soo bad, but I'm going to have to commit to memory what it is I'm doing.

Sweet Huny spent hours talking to me last night, trying to tell me its going to be okay and that there is a God. He's such a good man. Scoot is heading out today for a couple of years in the military. I hope he survives it alright. I'm going back to my Thermo now....

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