Monday, October 7, 2002

Why is it that certain headaches won't go away?? Specifically, the kinds you get on Mondays??

nap.. Ibuprophen.. hot tea.. healthy salad.. candy corn.. nothing will make it go away. And its only the beginning of the week! I have so many more days and nights to go before I can rest again!! Thankfully I did well on last week's mechanics quiz. I need to make sure I do that well and better on this week's.. And every week there after, but isn't that what I said two weeks ago? haa haa.

I noticed today at 6pm, after I had been home for 3 hours, how my day can go from being right on time, ahead of schedual even to being way, way behind, and have no chance of catching up. Well, its 11pm now, and I'm even farther behind with an 8 am class in the morning. **grinning** So enough logging for now! Besides Explorer has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

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