Saturday, October 5, 2002

Thursday night was my first time to be descriminated against based on my ethinicity. My cousin and I went to Jazz, that cajun restaurant that they have even here in the middle of nowhere. The band Jazz Alley played and they were awesome. They opened with Herbie Hancocks' Cantaloop Island - an awesome awesome song. The drummer crooned to Louie's What a Wonderful World, and that made my night. The food was pretty good. I had gumbo and bignettes, when we finally got it. Living in the wonderful world of Austin, I've been ignored by waitstaff before, but its always been because they were lazy, tired, or too busy. Thursday, we were ignored because we are Asian. How crappy is that? Pretty crappy. And how do I know it was because we were Asian?? When we walked in, everbody went silent and stared at us. When the lady asked to take our order, she talked in very slow foreign-sympatheic voice. She didn't check on us for 20 minutes from the time we walked in. There were 3 people waiting tables and 4 tables of customers. She checked on the old men directy infront of us 9 times before she came to ask us if we needed anything, and I needed a water like 15 minutes ago. She didn't even offer to refill my coffee or our bread, or bring us straws when we asked her 3 times. At the end of the night we were kind enough to leave a tip for the band, and not for her. :-)

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