Sunday, October 6, 2002

Mechanics just makes more sense when you have Lou Rawls singing in the background....

"You'll never find... as long as you live... someone who loves you, tender like I do.

You'll never find... no matter where you search... someone who cares about you, the way I do.

Oh I'm not bragging on myself baby, but I'm the one who's loving you, and there's no one else...

Noooooo ooo ooo one else.

You'll never find... it'll take the end of all time, someone tounderstand you, like i do.

You'll never find... the rhythm the rhyme... all the magic we share, just us two.

Oh I'm not trying to make you stay baby, but I know somehow someday someway

You're gonna miss my lovin... You're gonna miss my lovin...

You're gonna miss you're gonna miss you're gonna miss my lovin..."

And the centroid of a volume can be found with the formulas on page 253 :-)!!

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