Sunday, October 13, 2002

It has been a long week. Thankfully, the weekend seemed just as long - three exams this comming week!!

We had the Irish priest today. He told the story about the man who was given the opportunity to visit hell. When we got there he saw a great banquet table full of food, but everyone was angry because they could only eat the food with a 4 foot long fork and it was near impossible. The man also visited heaven, and saw another banquet table with the same food and the same rules. But the people in heaven were eating happily. They were feeding one another across the table with these 4 foot long forks. I think the story was to remind us/me not to be selfish. Someone in a seemingly unhappy situation can be happy - it's in how they choose to live through it. It's a good thing to remember. 'Sisco reminded me of that recently, too.

I started reading my old bible again last night. Reading it now as an older person, I think the people who wrote it made God out to be a mean old man. Shoo!! I guess reality is: the world is a mean ole place.

Enough preachy stuff today. Back to the books. Lovely, its not quite 10 am yet and its still 44 freaking freezing degrees!! Thankgoodness it didn't rain and my heater works!!

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