Sunday, October 20, 2002

I got back from coffee, which was actually an Italian Creamosa for me. They made up the name Cremosa. Borders' calls it a French Soda - which makes more sense to me, actually. The French put milk in everything! Creamosa (haa haa haa). I had a bagel, too. I haven't had one since I started my crusade to lose weight. It was good, but I don't miss it. :-) The carbs aren't worth it for me. I read most of chapter 5 in thermo so I got what I needed done. I'm gonna start on the homework now. After coffee we went to Josie's. Pretty darn good breakfast tacos!!! Ayn needs to eat here with me. LiznDan are such a cute couple! She has a 'speech impedement' much like my hieu-isms (misworded wordages). Its awesome that I'm not alone in my silliness!!

My place is pretty empty without the warm fuzzies of my animals and my huny. Speaking of warm, I went to Wally World to get a heater for Sushi, Blue and gang and they were out. How convenient. So another night of warm energy-wasting goodness.

'Sisco called, he's back home now. His mom passed. I offered to go over and see him, he said he'd rather I just stay put. So I did. I'm put. Must bring card to school for peeps to sign.

Liz talked about corn on the cob today, and so I craved. I warmed up some frozen nibblets. Yes, they're called Nibblets. Nibblets isn't a hieu-ism although it sounds like one. So I had nibblets and butter. Yum!! I was too full after the burrito so that wasn't a good idea. But it tasted awesome!

I'm gonna go find my classes now. I need to be ready to register next week. Smile, everyone. You never know who's watching you.

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