Tuesday, October 8, 2002

I believe I'm a fair person. I try to be one anyway. I've learned that its not always just what a person knows, or who someone knows, but its also how the person is. I've worked at a company where the owner was only 3 years older than me and my boss did not have a degree. That was one of the better places I have worked. I was treated kindly, paid well, and was respected throughout. Unfortunately, I left that company to join another company. This one was owned and run by PhD’s who earned their degrees in the sciences. Sadly enough, they were unable to run the company successfully. They brought in money and yes we paid the rent, but my collegues and I were not treated with respect, I were paid poorly in contrast, and I surely was not treated kindly. At one point, one of them prescribed antidepressants to me. I left that company quickly and joined another, a mishmash of the two cultures - the higher educated and the others like myself who earned their knowledge through experience. What I saw was that those with the degrees that had management positions were unable to care for or manage those underneath them. I also saw those who worked with me unable to manage themselves but at the same time allowed themselves to be trampled by management so that they survived unscathed until this day. Others with degrees and experience, although not in management were able to excel other areas and gain positions with responsibilities - mostly based on how they interacted with others.

My point is that, an education or position, knowledge or accomplishment alone doesn't make a person. It's how that person is inside that adds to the character. I am a fair person. I give everyone their chance. Everyone I meet or interact with is equal in my eyes until they prove otherwise. The same goes with my professors. People tell me all the time that so-and-so is horrible, a bad teacher, and the list goes on. But I have to take it with a grain of salt. I have respect for my professors until they pull what one of mine did today. When someone decides to be a teacher, they become a teacher. If teaching is only only 20% of what you do, when its time for you to teach, teaching is then 100% of what you do. When the lecture time is over, you go back and finish the 80% of your life. Because that is what you do. Today, I decided to take the time to make use of my professor's teaching and have him explain a concept to me. Over and over we discussed working a problem, when what I wanted was the "why and the how" not the "this is what you do with this problem". I diverted my anger and rage, anything to keep from decking the man, to tears. What else can you do when you stay up all night trying desperately to understand a concept? So he becomes enraged and inappropriate words fly out of his mouth. He finished his explanation, yet again - not what I wanted, and offered us the transparencies. We accepted. He chucked them over. Any man worthy of the undershirt under his polos would not chuck anyone anything. A man hands papers and anything else over to the receiving party. Even I know that. This man has written many books, has taught for many years, does awesome research, and is obviously successful. Unfortunately his personality is seriously lacking. He was doing fine until the chucking. One does not chuck. Ever. Its not cool.

Much like a proper lady pulling on her bloomers in the middle of a ballroom. Its just not cool.

In closing, I would like to say looks aren't everything, neither are accomplishments, especially if deep down inside... there's an ASS. All the respect the man ever earned from me has gone down the drain. I can no longer doubt my classmates when they say their hateful things about him. What I think and how I feel doesn't matter to him. I know that. But it only takes ONE to make a difference.

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