Sunday, October 20, 2002

Hello Sunday. I slept most of the day. I believe its mostly from homesick-depression. Thankfully the semester is half over. Just about two more months of this and then I'm one down 3 to go. Not too bad. I hate being alone. I met a nice couple yesterday. The lady was nice enough to offer to call me when fun things happen in the plains. I met them at the hotair ballon mini-festival which was a lot of fun for me. Well, it was fun. And it was depressing. Depressing because I was enjoying something for the first time - alone. I really hate being alone. I would have been fine if I had a kitty with me, or a dog, a close friend, someone. I was even alone at church today. I don't think 'sisco made it back yet. The priest talked about giving the man upstairs what is his and giving everyone else what is theirs. I should concentrate on doing that a little more. Leave my pitty party for the 3 minutes I'm awake before dozing off. I wonder how all my buddies are? Everyone is so busy these days they don't have time to write. And frankly, neither do I.

I talked to mommy and daddy today. They seemed happy. Proud, in fact. I told her not to be so happy until the semester was over. Not to count her chickens before the eggs hatched. I just hope that I can make it through without falling out. I hope I can push through the rest of today without falling back in bed. I should be okay. I leave in a few minutes for tennis practice. Then I need to go to wally world and by a heater for Sushi, Blue, and gang. Then I get to go coffee shop studying with my neighbor. Then I come home and write some more english. Then the week starts all over again.

I'm glad Sergio wrote me last week. He sent me some pics of Austin. I miss Austin. I should probably write all my friends on the list and tell them whats up. I dunno though, it would depress me. Okay here I go. I need to fix Exploder somehow. It keeps crashing on me.

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