Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I get to dress up like I did when I was 5 and run around being me. "Me" being a little person in big people clothes - and that's me every day. I find it hard to believe I am as old as I am. When I was 19, I figured by now I'd be married and have one kid already. But now, I feel like I'm barely older than I was then. Granted I am more emotionally secure and have made use of a little more grey matter than I did then, but I still feel like I'm 19..most days I'm 7. hee hee! I think it shows too, people tell me I can't be older than 21. I have to laugh!! Anyway, Halloween is my favorite holiday. no one is themselves. every one is dressed up pretending to be someone else. Which is not any different from any other day, but with Halloween, it's more comical.

Halloween is also my favorite because there is no stress of receiving things, gifts and what not. You give away candy. I like giving. I haven't done a lot of giving lately, I've been broke, but I would much rather give than receive. So today I went as my cat Vivi. The dean wore a great mask with lot of hair and another guy went as death. I would be out trick or treating but its freezing here, with a windchill of 25 degrees Farenheit and visibility to a quarter mile. I also want to wish my daddy a happy happy birthday! I love you daddy!

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