Friday, October 18, 2002

Friday again. This week was not entirely uneventful. 'Sisco ran home late Sunday to be with his mom. Monday sucked as most Monday's do. Tuesday we had a Thermo exam that shredded what was left of our grey matter. I lost my doubles match that night. I have a feeling my partner was pissed I showed up on time instead of early. I could see she lacked the effort to win the first match. I played hard and eventually so did she and we got three games out of the opponents. Then on Wednesday, Mr Ukraine English Instructor said "Who was the bitch who said I didn't assign homework?" Needless to say we found that unnacceptable.Thursday, Dr R had a grand ole time with our backsides with the weekly quiz. I also went to the dinner with the reps from industry who get to talk to the dean about our concerns. Needless to say *who* was my big concern. I also find out last night that some people still think i'm pretty! :-) Its always a good feeling to know that even though I'm "almost old" that I'm still a hottie. I think its gonna get to my head :-O!! I want to go to Old Navy and get some new jammies, they're the most comfy clothes ever! And I'm soo tired of dressing up to go anywhere. I didn't get to play tennis last night since it rained. Today is friday and I slept in. I miss my honey and I didn't want to get up at all. It'll just be another day without him. I should start on homework and focus on that. I think I will here soon enough. Darn, I'm out of cereal. I don't want to buy more. I dont want to do anyting thats not school or tennis. I have little drive for anything else right now. I think if I had this feeling before when I started school, I would have done better. I'm glad I realized that I didn't early, got out and enjoyed my early 20's instead of being frustrated. Now I'm all ready for the school thing, *and* I'm acutally enjoying it.! :-) ... everybody hug somebody!

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