Sunday, October 27, 2002

Didn't make it to church today. I decided it was too cold to get up and make my way down there. I already have to leave the house today for tennis practice, and once is enough. We gained an hour today, and I don't know where mine went. Actually, I used it to clean up my apartment - which I hadn't done in quite a while. It's clean now, and doesn't smell like old cereal bowls.

My week was eventful. We got our exams back from the week before. I made a 65 on my Thermo exam. Dr. L had said he would grade on setup, and not for answers. Well he took of heavily for me not having answers, even though my setup was correct. Which I thought sucked some serious yucky juice. But talking to him gave me a chance to get to know him better. He's an awesome guy. Grades hard, but he is a very awesome guy. He says he'll really retire soon. I hope not. I asked if he would teach Thermo II, he said no. He likes Thermo I. That makes me afraid of Thermo II.

Good news is that I get to keep my Chemistry credit so I can take Materials next semester!! Woo hooo! I'm excited. I also got my foot in doing membership goodies with ASME. I wonder if that means I'll get the position. Not that I want to push Shay out, but she's having a hard time with school as it is. I like having an office at school. I spend a lot of time there. Its fun for me. I get a place to study that's not too close to my bed.

LiznDan went on their anniv. trip this weekend!! They get all kinds of pamering goodness. I hope they have a good time. It had to have been better than being here - all wet and cold. It is also suppose to snow this comming week. Yuck.

I learned that my friend Christina is moving to New Mexico with her chicklette. *sigh*. I do hope I get to see her again soon. Chris, you're the best.. i love you, maaan.

I volunteered at the Legacy Play Village on Friday. I got to use a circular saw and all kinds of destructive goodness. I helped to put in wire meshing for the castle windows and put in handicap rails in a few places. It was definitely a good feeling. I put in over 10 hours!! I like volunteering. I need to remember to put that and RIF on my resume.

Yesterday was pretty depressing. I got homesick again. Then Huny told me there is an apartment issue with the pet deposit which I know that I paid. I hope he can take care of it. This week should be good. I think I'm back on my roll.

Oh and speaking of rolls. We have sushi here!! [] They have a place here, right across the street from me. Fresh sushi and not so bad prices!! Awesome!!

Ok, I go back to work now.

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