Sunday, September 22, 2002

Today God asked me to not be jealous of others who seem to be better off than me.

Instead, I am to do the best that I can do and in the end be rewarded.

Somehow I don't think He has a lot of influence on those that fill out the pass or fail bubble sheet at the end of the semester.

"LIFO" (last in first out) is how the sermon ended today. I still don't know what it means. Hopefully something good for me. I'm usually last as it is.

It has been very pretty outside; although a little chilly. Locals say it gets pretty darn cold and windy, and that the air fills with sand and dust to where there is no visibility. I don't think I'm looking forward to that. Currently 75 degrees and a 7 mph wind.

Yesterday at the iHOP an older gentleman commented, "Those Chinese, you can't ever tell if they're happy or angry, they always look the same". He must have been partially deaf - he was talking pretty loud. He also must have been partially blind - I was sitting right there. Old people are entertaining. They have a quality about them that makes them adorable. A lady who was sitting with that older man held her menu no more than 2 inches from her face. Inbetween her menu and her face were her glasses and a portable high powered-lighted magnifying glass. Entertaining.

I wonder if I provide as much amusement for those around me?

Who knows. Each of us, no matter how small, has our own impact on the world - we may never see it.

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